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Posted by Tristan O Evert on Sunday, 26 May 2013

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Cyber Knights RPG Elite v1.2.7

: 1.6+

: Lead a deadly team mercenaries , hack, shadows . Cyber Knight the elite but expendable urban soldier silent wars future, doing work , criminal organizations gangs.

"Cyber Knights RPG" FREE Version! Enjoy hours -based and tactical cyberpunk gaming Knights Elite. Trese Brothers never runs ads games -- enjoy free, permission free experience!

Then experience upgrade! In addition, Elite includes 3 unique Cyber Knights, 50+ weapons, + armors, 30+ cybernetic implants content . can copy any Cyber Knight from Cyber Knights RPG (free) !

Cyber Knights turn-based tactical RPG a squad of Runners who illegal contracts various powers over sci-fi, cyberpunk future. Explore a massive persistent world battling factions, 600 contacts , over 500 shops, 400 battle combinations lurking turn.

the dawn , world. Megacorporations provide humanity’s last survivors shelter vast dome cities Boston, New Berlin . Across Matrix survivors .

Technology humanity. No longer merely flesh, many Cyber Knights have turned - - technology their abilities beyond human limits.

A global arms race between megacorporations. Technological domination of metroplex now.

In this cold war conflict Cyber Knights. Elite urban mercenaries they, deniable . The megacorporations need them work grey shadows of .

control skilled team cyber-warriors. Use turn-based tactics combat skills, equipment implants effect. Specialize your team members, combat skills. Dominate the megacorporate landscape, infiltration, battle prowess or be a digital ghost.

Our development team continuing development Knights RPG receptive . Please email us!

Cyber Knights RPG turn-based tactical Role Playing Game (RPG) made fans. Fans like Syndicate, Fallout Tactics, ShadowRun for SEGA/SNES, Silent Storm, should enjoy t-based retro RPG.

If adventure, tactical RPGs fantasy depth (such Effect) enjoy the Cyber Knights urban role playing game.

Full character control and customization. Travel turn-based tactical/role-playing game. Android Apk »Cyber Knights RPG Elite v1.2.7 8 unique skills, 5 character classes, 400 different items, weapons . Customized different cybernetic improvements. Pick sides urban battle and play, Gun Slinger, Sniper, Cyber Sword fearsome AgentEX!


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