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Posted by Tristan O Evert on Saturday, 26 October 2013

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Dead 2 v1.0.7 [Mod Money]

: 4.0+

: How long survive apocalypse?

Tear though wave after wave walking dead built death-dealing weapons like -spitting Minigun room clearing Rocket Launcher? you'll prefer Ray Thrower tracks.

Whatever , you'll be painting red run, shoot, dodge life industrial playground filled traps enemies.

Cross platform Multiplayer:

Yes that's right! fight horde alone forces bloodthirsty masses other players-op mode.

[Note: lower player numbers during "Early Android Apk »Dead on Arrival 2 v1.0.7 [Mod Money]" may result match ]

Nvidia Graphics:

Take level 4 shadows, ultra-realistic blood splatter, incredible lighting latest post-processing effects. world never looked so good. Watch those zombie body parts fly - heads, arms raining on floor - along ragdoll physics.

Controller support:

DOA2 supports all kinds ! Xbox 360, PS3, Moga, SHIELD, Logitec … even (which out very soon!).

Gameplay Android Apk »Dead on Arrival 2 v1.0.7 [Mod Money]:

* Fast paced survival action mayhem against massive waves undead

* Fight alone a team-man multiplayer mode

* Intuitive dynamic thumbstick controls, running, aiming

* Unlock new areas containing deadlier weapons alive

* Use powerful weapons down Special Infected zombie mutations

* Search “random box” most powerful guns

* Upgrade weapons, armor time

* Unlock powerful MODS power chances

* Full 3D action most advanced gory effects

What's new Android Apk »Dead on Arrival 2 v1.0.7 [Mod Money] : (Updated : Oct 24, 2013)

Android Apk »Dead on Arrival 2 v1.0.7 [Mod Money] player movement responsiveness

Tweaked zombie attributes

Small tweaks


Android Apk »Dead on Arrival 2 v1.0.7 [Mod Money] Instructions: rel. by : chathu_ac

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