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Posted by Tristan O Evert on Tuesday, 8 October 2013

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textVirtual Button Bar v2.9.4texttext

Android Apk »Virtual Button Bar v2.9.4: Android 2.1

Android Apk »Virtual Button Bar v2.9.4: Customisable hardware buttons overlay, root required.text




*Now colours*text

*ROOT required functionality* Menu, Back -only buttons - all others work-rooted devices.text

Emulates hardware keys (Home, Menu, Back etc) them screen, Android Apk »Virtual Button Bar v2.9.4. Single-swipe action (see video):text

• Choose , position themtext

• Lock Screen animations including Gingerbread-style TV off (requires 2.2)text

• Change button function (vol up/down, lock device, exp Bar, Camera, Search)text

• Alt-Tab functionalitytext

• Change Button sizes

• Adjustable Transparencytext

• Separate, independent configurations

A fully-featured but time-limited trial .text

Perfect including Nook Color which lack hardware buttons.text

Note: T uses Google's Licensing Library (LVL) which means your device must Market installed connect to .text

: If you've enabled Device Administration lockscreen, uninstalling. Uncheck the permission in-app -> Location -> Select device administrators Virtual Button Bar.text


What's Android Apk »Virtual Button Bar v2.9.4 : (Updated : Oct 7, 2012)text

Added option foreground service. Uncheck the permanent notification.3+ but chance being closed memorytext



textAndroid Apk »Virtual Button Bar v2.9.4:texttext

Android Apk »Virtual Button Bar v2.9.4:text

text text

Download : Android Apk »Virtual Button Bar v2.9.4 Instructions:text



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